Rock and Roll Momma: A guide for the bold, modern woman

Do you want to be a rock and roll mommy? Rocking out, being fierce, and not caring what anyone else has to say about it? This blog post is for you! We’ll cover the basics of how to become a modern woman who refuses to conform.

Rock-n-roll Mommas don’t care about their kids’ last name – they only care that they are happy. They don’t worry if their hair doesn’t match the latest trend because they’re too busy rocking out at work or school. They make time for themselves even when life gets hectic. If this sounds like you, then read on!

How to be a Rock and Roll Momma

Ever wanted to be a rock and roll momma? It is not as easy it might sound. First of all, you have to make sure your child has the right clothes for their different moods so they will feel like themselves on stage. One day he could wear his sister’s t-shirt with paint stains from her art project, while another time, she can strut around in Mommy’s high heels – something much more fitting than just sneakers or bare feet! Next up: Makeup! A lot of moms would tell me, “Oh no, I don’t want my daughter wearing makeup.” But here at Little Rock Mommy, we say let them dress how they want–and if that means lipstick and eye shadow, then bring It!

The perfect way for every mother to have fun is by being themselves, not some old lady sitting on the porch reading her bible all day long. So here are your five commandments: 1) Be yourself 2) Make sure that your kids still see what they want from life 3) Don’t let them watch TV 4) Teach more than just ABCs 5) Enjoy it!

Reasons Why You’re A Rock and Roll Momma

You’re a rock and roll mommy if you: Maintain your independence. You don’t have to answer to anyone, not even the man of your dreams, so long as he’s good enough for you. If he isn’t, then kick him to the curb with no regrets! Rock on, lady!

Push boundaries in every aspect. You can do anything, even the repairs on your home, from plumbing to welding. However, ensure you have the right equipment. For instance, if you wish to do a welding job, you’ll need a welding helmet to protect your eyes from infrared and ultraviolet lights. It’s left for you to choose the type you want. Whether it’s auto-darkening helmet or not, the most important thing is to protect your eyes.

Rock out with your kids! Hang out and jam while they are having some fun. This is an excellent way to bond, as well as a good time killer when you need it. Lead by example. Rock on, momma! You’re an inspiration for all of those who love their independence just like you do, so show them that it’s possible to be successful and have a great time doing it.

The Best Moments of Being a Rock and Roll Mommy

One of the best moments is when you have time to read and learn on your own. I was able to explore many very fulfilling topics, even if they weren’t in my field of work or interest. This made me feel more confident about what I could do with myself as a woman, and the mother-child bond strengthened because I was less stressed and more fulfilled.

I also loved the friendships I made with other mothers during these periods where we had to make our fun; it is a bond that will last years after your child has grown up. These times, you could share intimate stories of life, parenting struggles, success in different areas of your life, and more. It created a positive and safe space for mothers to share their stories without judgment or criticism from other people because they were going through the same thing.

I also loved being able to explore new hobbies I would never have tried before, such as gardening with my child, knitting (not just scarves!), painting murals on her bedroom walls, and more. Rock-and-roll moms need an outlet for their creativity as well; if you don’t have the time to explore, it will affect your mood negatively, so be sure to take care of yourself first!

Tips for the Modern Woman Who Loves Herself

Being a woman is so much more than what society tells us it should be. We are multifaceted beings with the ability to do multitudes of things, and we deserve to live our lives without feeling like there’s something wrong with who we are just because some people don’t understand that. There aren’t too many rules for living your life, but here are tips that I feel every woman should live by.

Get a job you love so much and try to work as many hours as possible to be happy with your life. There’s nothing wrong with changing jobs either if you find something new that makes you more comfortable- it’s all about finding the best situation for yourself. Many people would say that you should work towards a career, but I think it’s essential to know what makes you happy and follow your dreams.

You deserve the best in life- money or not. It doesn’t matter if someone else thinks something is too expensive for you; if it fits into what fulfills and balances your needs, then it’s worth buying. There will always be people who try to put you down, but remember that the only opinions that matter are your own and those of other women in life.

You can teach yourself anything- from how to knit a scarf to making money online by blogging or starting your website. You have all the knowledge inside you to do anything you want, and all that’s required is time for research. The internet has everything we could ever need to learn something new!


Little Rock Mommy is a guide to help women be their best selves. Women are independent, strong, and powerful beings that should not be afraid of embracing who they are. The book provides valuable insights into better ourselves in the workplace, relationships, parenting style, confidence level – really everything! Let’s all find our inner rock star with this insightful read!


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