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We want to prepare you for parenthood. First-time moms are confused about the new title. They aren’t sure what to expect.

The unborn child comes with a lot of expectations and needs. We are here to hold your hand through pregnancy.

We tell you when to visit your clinics, what to share with your gynaecologists as well as how to handle any fears.

We inform you about postpartum depression. We believe information is power.

Once you are notified, you are in a better position to make informed decisions when it comes to early parenthood.

We give you tips on how to deal with toddlers and when the family is expanding with new entrants in the home.

We have career advice on when to do things or to halt if you want to enjoy both motherhood and corporate positions.

We also want you to take part in making your partner happy through family bonding. You will have access to webinars and online meetings with fellow mothers to share challenges and achievements to make you better as a mom.

We don’t leave the men out of the equation for we know their role in emotional support.

From time t time, there are session for them with you in mind and also where you get to engage as mom and dad for the benefit of proper parenting.



We want to tell you how to be a responsible teenage mum. We allow you to take part in parenting sessions desired for this sensitive group.

As they also grow and start their families, we want to tell you the dos and don’ts as a mother in law.

The topic people don’t want to imagine, yet it’s the reality of life. We also don’t live the hot and sensitive topic of divorce.

We have the child’s interest at heart. When you have no option but to go through this route- although we discourage- we now give you advice and tips on co-parenting and address all the challenges that come with the topic.


Are you a mum struggling with your career and parenting at the same time? Are you torn between your demanding job, schooling and parenting?
We want to hear from you. What are your challenges? This is your blog to offer you practical solutions to have a fulfilled career as corporate personnel and a rocking mum.