About Us

Rock and Roll Mommy is a blog designed for women both young and the old. We take you through all spheres of parenting from a young age to an older age.

We don’t leave you at teenage parenting. We also want to help you have a fruitful life as senior citizens.

When the children have grown, and you also have to play a part as a parent while you again go through old age challenges if not middle life crisis.

Our focus is on women for we know that in parenting, the women play a significant role. Thee contact with the children is more than their male counterparts.

This starts from the moment the child is conceived to their growth.

If you are in such shoes, then this is the blog for you. Just as the name suggests, we want you to rock and roll as a mom. How is this possible?



Are you a mum struggling with your career and parenting at the same time? Are you torn between your demanding job, schooling and parenting?
We want to hear from you. What are your challenges? This is your blog to offer you practical solutions to have a fulfilled career as corporate personnel and a rocking mum.